Terms and conditions

On acceptance of the tender, the contractor has to deposit 10% of the amount as security money with the department which is inclusive of the earnest money already deposited.

There is a provision of compensation for delay in conditions of contract in construction. The time allowed for completion of the work in the essence of the contract on the pall of the contractor.

These conditions of contract in construction is intended to indicate the circumstances under which an extension of the time limit may be granted to the site contractor by the owner.

On completion of the work including removal of surplus materials or any other materials in connection with the work, the contractor shall be furnished with a completion certificate by the engineer-in-charge. The date of completion shall be noted in the measurement book according to the date as certified in the certificate.

The contractor shall be entitled to receive monthly payment on bills submitted by him to cost more than Rs. 5000 and duly approved and passed by the engineer in – charge, whose certificate of the sum shall be final and conclusive. But all such intermediate payment shall be regarded as an ance against the final payment and not as payment for work actually done.

There are conditions of contract in construction that No Work shall be done at night, on Sundays, and another holiday without the written permission of the engineer in charge.

This clause is provided to reject the materials and workmanship which are not conforming with the specifications of the work.