Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency tarping is needed when unwanted debris causes harm to your roof. For example, if an FL Roof-Tarp causes a hole in your roof, it will cause a leak if it rains. This will create the need for an FL Roof-Tarp to prevent further damage from taking place in the home. There also may be situations where we are able to find out that your ‘roof leak’ was actually an air conditioning unit leak or problem. If there is damage to the inside of your home, from a roof leak, or another kind of ceiling leak, you may need emergency services.

Roof tarping isn’t a long-term solution. Tarping will stop additional damage to the inside of your home. Sometimes, this means we will place equipment to assist with drying out any materials in your home that may be wet due to the leak.

After finding the leak, you will want to call a company that has your best interest at heart. The quicker someone can be on-site to assess the damages the better the homeowner is. If the roof leak has caused damages to the inside of your home, the key to avoiding secondary damages is getting the dry-out process started quickly.

Generally speaking, roof tarps only last a couple of weeks. They can potentially last longer or shorter amounts of time due to the weather they may encounter.