11 Common Sense Roofing Safety (Tips + Precautions) for 2022

1) Use Common-Sense
One of the most common sense means of safety is, well, common sense. Use your cautious instincts when up on a roof. Don’t do anything blatantly or obviously stupid; you will generally be okay. It is when people get careless and don’t think that trouble can occur.

Common sense means moving slowly and cautiously. It means watching your footing and knowing where your tools are. It means being alert to your surroundings and ensuring you are doing everything in your power to remain safe and avoid any nasty spills off the roof.

As the saying goes: “common sense isn’t so common these days,” which is sadly the truth. Avoid those careless mistakes, and you could save yourself a lot of pain.

2) Avoid Bad Weather
This is not always an option for contractors because the job needs to be done when needed. But if at all possible, avoiding the elements is another key to safety. It is particularly dangerous when the weather is colder.

Slips and falls happen on iced-over roofs all the time, and there is only so much that can be done when Mother Nature enters the fray. Again, practice caution and be wary of areas with moisture as it can freeze and turn into ice.

In horrible rain and wind, you should avoid the roof altogether. Wind can knock you off balance and send you tumbling to the ground. Instead of looking for the precise, safe wind speed for working on roofs, you should use your better judgment. If it can possibly wait, try to avoid those adverse weather conditions and wait until the situation is optimal.

3) Don’t Use Cheap Ladders
One of the most common occurrences that lead to rooftop accidents is that the ladder is past its prime and should not be used. Think about it: that ladder can be the difference between you safely traversing on the roof and tumbling down to an unfortunate injury. Why would you chance it?

While it is understandable that cost can be a concern, safety should be a greater concern. Invest in a quality ladder that isn’t rickety and wobbly or has been around longer than you have. Get a ladder that is sturdily built and will support you solidly.

4) Dress Accordingly
Mobility and flexibility are important for safe roof work. That is why it is imperative to wear clothes that aren’t restricting yet aren’t hanging off of you. You need to be able to react and move around properly to maintain safety.

Tripping and falling because your pant legs are too loose is not only embarrassing but dangerous as well. That is not a story you want to have to tell anyone from your hospital bed. Keep your pants secure and away from your feet, and you should be able to avoid getting tangled up in your own clothing.

Also, try to avoid wearing clothing that has rips or tears. This just adds to the possibility of snagging on the roof, which adds to the danger. Of all roofing safety topics, clothing should be the easiest to comply with.

5) Wear Proper Footwear
Similarly, having the proper footwear when up on a rooftop is essential. Make certain that you have rubber-soled shoes to get the maximum grip and traction. Slips are the most common reason for rooftop accidents and can be mostly prevented.

A quality pair of slip-proof boots will cost you a little money but consider it an investment in your safety. You will wish you made the investment if you take a tumble from a rooftop and find yourself laid in a hospital bed.

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